A. Teaching and Learning

  • Instructional Design and Delivery
    This sub-theme encompasses such concepts as: Innovative Teaching and Learning, Instructional Practices, Catering to Indigenous students, Inclusivity for SEN Learners; Intercultural Teaching and Learning, Pathways for student success, and STEAM

  • Technology Use in the Classroom 
    This sub-theme includes ideas such as: Groupware Tools and Teacher/Student collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, Gamification and Game-based Learning.

  • Use of Soft Skills in Education 
    This sub-theme consists of such concepts as: Resiliency, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Psychological Capital, and Ecological Intelligence.

  • Classroom Assessment in Education 
    This sub-theme comprises: E-testing, E-Proctoring Solutions, Teacher Evaluation and Assessment, Authentic Assessment, Innovations in Assessment, and Artificial Intelligence and Assessment. 


B. Educational Leadership

  • Educational Leadership
    This sub-theme encompasses: Soft skills and Leadership, Social Justice, Morality and Utilisation, Ethics of Care, and Leadership and Styles of Leadership pre, during and post-pandemic.
  • Professional Development in Education 
    This sub-theme includes: Lifelong learning, Faculty Development Models, Community Building.
  • Quality Assurance in Education
    This sub-theme comprises: Designing meaningful courses, Blended/Hybrid Teaching and Learning, Quality Assurance and Programme Standards, Universal Design and Accessibility, and Open Education Resources Adoption.
  • Educational Research 
    This sub-theme encompasses: Educational Research Development and Publishing, Self-Publishing, Predatory Journals, Research and Knowledge Transfer-collaborative partnerships globally.