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Message From the Director

Welcome to the University of Guyana’s Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CoETaL). Since its inception, CoETaL has provided training in pedagogy/andragogy to faculty, training in critical areas for students, and training in topics pertinent to support staff. The Biennial Conference started in 2019 provides a space for academics, educators, researchers, and key stakeholders to coalesce around the theme of tertiary education and its paradigm shifts. CoETaL collaborates with international, regional, and national tertiary institutions in order to expand its research capacity and build its network.

Dr. Charmaine Bissessar, Director

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Guyana(UoG) is geared towards the discovery, transfer and application of knowledge. In supporting this thrust of the UoG, the Centre is designed to promote teaching and learning excellence through its faculty and other support units.

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The Values to which the CoETaL subscribes

The University of Guyana is an institution that is “values driven”. The core values espoused to the first Education Resource Ambassadors Conference (Griffith,2016) are seen notable drivers of the Renaissance Culture at UoG in order to make it the premiere academic institution in Guyana. These values will be embedded in the work of the CoETaL as the academy strives for teaching and learning excellence.