What is the role and function of the Advisory Board

An Advisory Board would be established for CoETaL. The Board is one aspect of the Centre’s collaboration initiatives designed to include other members of the University Community in the Centre’s leadership in promoting teaching excellence as it plans strategically with other units across the Campuses. Suggested representatives to the Board will include FEH, CIT, FSS and Software among others. Membership to the advisory board will be extended to strategic transnational partners such as, Ministry of Education, Cyril Potter College of Education, UNESCO, FIU where support for the work of the CoETaL can be enriched. The Board will be chaired by the Director. As the Centre continues to grow, the Board will meet at least once per semester or no more than two times(See Draft ToRs and Modalities by Scott, 2018 in Appendix and approved by academic Board in December, 2018), and will:

  • - contribute to the planning activities inclusive of identification of speakers and presenters
  • - make recommendations for the development of internship for students
  • - contribute to the development of the annual work-plan
  • - serve as reviewers for programmes and modules and papers developed
  • - support as far as possible efforts to fund-raise
  • - ensure that the programmes offered reflect gender sensitivity and cater for diversity
  • - Overall, the members of the Advisory Board will offer support to assist the Director in implementing the proposed plan for the CoETaL.


(Please click on the Advisory Board Member's name to see bio info)

Mr. Fidel Captain

Manager for CIT

Ms. Maureen Ann Bynoe

Lecturer II in the Department of Education and Humanities

Ms. Donette Washington

Senior Assistant Librarian

Mr. Sekhar Mallampati

HOD, Dept. of Software Services

Mr. Lenandlar Singh

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science

Dr. Theodosius Marmaduke Velloza

Deputy Registrar, Registry

Ms. Kara Lord

Deputy Dean, Department of Foundation and Education, Faculty of Education and Humanities

Dr. Jacqueline Murray

Director, Institue of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE)

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