Dr. Kara Lord
Lecturer., Department of Foundation and Education, Faculty of Education and Humanities
Advisory Board


Kara Lord is a trained psychologist who specializes in the area of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Her higher education journey began at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill where she completed her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology with first class honours. She is also the holder of a Master’s of Science degree in Work and Organizational Psychology from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Her professional background as a lecturer in areas such as general, developmental, counseling, and educational psychology has allowed her to develop a deeper appreciation for the teaching practice. As a result, she has since pursued and successfully completed with distinction a Post Graduate in Education (Higher Education) and Masters of Science in Instructional Design & Technology.
However, before teaching, her work centered on human resource and organizational development. She has a love for people and believes that each individual has their own contribution to make to society but can only do so if they are allowed to develop holistically as a person. She has worked as an employee relations officer in human resources with an emphasis on ensuring job satisfaction, health & wellness, competency based training, collaboration, and motivation. Her key research interests also surround matters regarding job satisfaction, organizational commitment, retention, work organization, motivation, and the dynamics of the online learning environment.
Today, she works towards developing programmes in Psychology with the University of Guyana. Her attention on psychology education comes keenly as the lack thereof in the past has stifled many who have a genuine interest in the field. She is therefore determined to ensure that part of her legacy goes into ensuring that the highest quality psychology education programmes are offered in Guyana. Notably, her initiative to call together professional psychologists in Guyana has led to the establishment of the Guyana Society of Professional Psychologists (GuyPsych). She recognizes the need for greater awareness of the discipline of psychology and what it offers to the nation as there continues to be many misconceptions about the field. It is her firm belief that mental health is not a secondary aspect of health; it is as important as physical health, and cannot be neglected if holistic development is ever to be achieved. The need to exercise the mind is as important as the body, and the emphasis placed on having regular physical checkups should also be given to attending to the needs of one’s mind.